The Sony VGN-SZ480 Puts All The Power Of Sony Into A Smaller Laptop

If you small and media-enhanced laptops then you should be sure to look at the Sony VGN-SZ480.

One of my personal favorite things about it is the integrated MOTION EYE camera.

It sits right above your laptop screen whenever you use your laptop.

This is a great feature for those who use Skype. It's so much more convenient to have a webcam that is built right inside your laptop. You don't need to plug it in and wait for your laptop to recognize it every time.

It sits right there waiting to be used at a moments notice.

And that's not to mention the quality. As you would expect from Sony, this webcam provides excellent picture.

Another thing that sticks out in this laptop is it's carbon fiber casing.

The moment you grab a hold of this laptop you will be extremely impressed by how durable it feels. If you are going to spend a lot of money on a portable laptop then you are going to want it to be durable.

The Sony VGN-SZ480 is incredible in the area of portability. You can generally expect to stay unplugged for around 4 hours. And it's only 1-inch thin so you should have no trouble placing it in your briefcase.

And if it's going to be portable then it needs to have good security as well. Fortunately, this laptop comes with a few secure options.

First, it comes with an Integrated Biometric Fingerprint Sensor. This allows you to log-in using nothing except your fingerprint.

This makes it nearly impossible for anyone to break into your laptop. Which in turn helps you protect all of your important files that you carry. So in the event that your laptop gets stolen you can feel safe that your data is protected.

Something else this laptop includes is free engraving. This can be a great feature if you own a business. By slapping on your companies name on the laptop you can feel a sense of pride and belonging every time you use your laptop.

While some Sony laptops come with very few customizing options, the VGN-SZ480 is certainly an exception. Everything about this laptop is extremely customizable.

But no matter how you customize it, it is going to have superior performance.


This laptop comes with basically anything you would ever want in a media laptop. And it does it all within the 13.3-inch size frame.

The only problem that may arise is it's price.

If you want the cheapest bargain then this laptop certainly isn't it. But if you want to assure yourself that you are getting high quality and many features then the Sony VGN-SZ480 is right for you.

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