Speed Up Your Laptop Startup With This Fool Proof Guide

If it is taking forever for your laptop to startup then here is how to speed up your laptop startup.

You see...

The more you use your laptop, the more programs you probably download and install on your laptop. And a lot of these programs are set to automatically load whenever you turn on your laptop.

So if your laptop only loaded five programs when you first bought it, that could easily turn into 15-20 with all of the stuff that gets installed.

While some of this stuff you might want to be keep, many of these programs don't need to be loaded during your startup.

How can I tell what programs are being loaded?

Well for a short list, you can look in your system tray...

system tray

All of these programs get loaded when you start up your laptop. Do you see any that don't need to be there? I know when I looked at this I had 22 icons! And after I did what I am about to tell you I cut it down to 10.

This cut my start up time in half!

To get started, go to the Start menu and click Run...


Type in msconfig into the menu. A window will then appear. After that, click on the Startup tab.


This will give you a long and detailed list of all of the things that get started up when you turn on your laptop. Go through the list and if you see anything that you don't want started up then uncheck the box.

The most important thing when doing this is to only uncheck the programs that you know what they are. Unchecking things that you don't know may cause your laptop to be unable to load certain programs.

But by getting rid of a few programs, not only will it speed up your laptop startup, but it will run faster in general. It won't be clogged with all of those extra programs that are running.

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