Get Rid Of Spyware Today By Getting The Best Spyware Removers

Spyware removers are programs that get rid of all of the unsafe spyware floating around on your laptop computer.

But what is spyware exactly...

Spyware is software being installed without you knowing and recording all of the sites that you go to.

With this knowledge, they can run a program that pops up advertisements related to the sites that you have been to.

But it doesn't stop there. It can also retrieve your email passwords and also credit card numbers.

It is extremely important that you keep your laptop safe from these spyware programs. I have seen what a computer filled with spyware looks like. If you left the room for an hour and came back there would be about 15 pop-ups of spam covering the entire screen.

It was basically unsafe to do anything from that computer. But fortunately there are spyware removers out there that remove and prevent spyware from getting on your laptop...

The first step you should take is to download Windows Defender if you haven't already. This works behind the scenes and will prevent any more spyware from getting onto your laptop.

So how do I know if I even have spyware on my laptop?

The absolute easiest and best way to find out is to get a free scan from Spyware Doctor. I have tried all of the major spyware scanners and this one finds the most. The spam-filled computer I mentioned earlier had 287 infected files!

From there you have two options...

You can purchase the software and it will delete all of it for you or you can manually delete all of it yourself.

I decided to do all of it myself and let's just say it took an afternoon figuring out how to do it. But if you follow these steps it shouldn't take you nearly as long...

Once you scan your computer, you are probably going to get several infected files. However, I wouldn't worry about too much about the ones labeled "Low Risk" but...

The ones labeled risk type of High need to be taken care of immediately! The best way to find and remove them is by going to Start -> Search -> All files or folders

In the search box, type in only part of the file name. In the case above I entered LIBBZ2.DLL and pressed enter. Only one file came up. Right-click and hit delete and no more spyware!

Do that for each and every high risk file that you have. Hopefully that is all that you will have to do but...

It may get a little more complicated. If you search for it and it isn't there, that doesn't mean that it's not on your computer! It is probably on your registry which means you will have to download one more thing.

The best free registry cleaner is called EasyCleaner. It is simple to use and it prevents you from really screwing up your computer.

Registry file names usually begin with HKEY. From there just keep clicking on each new area until you find the file you are wanting to delete.

The most vicious and harmful spyware is often placed into your registry so don't avoid this last step. Once you have done all of the steps above you can say goodbye to spyware hopefully forever. That is of course if you have downloaded Windows Defender.

Run a check with your spyware removers every now and then to see if new spyware is on your laptop. If there is, you know what to do!

If all of the sounds difficult, you can avoid all of this extra work by getting the full version of Spyware Doctor. It will probably be well worth its cost, especially if you have a lot of spyware.

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