Battle Of The Thinkpad Versus Dell

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Who wins between these two wonderful laptop brands? When you compare the Lenevo Thinkpad versus Dell, you have to think about what it is you want from your laptop.

If getting a quality laptop for the cheapest price is your main concern then get a Dell.

If overall quality is a must and you are willing to pay the extra cost for it then the Lenevo Thinkpad is right for you.

Dell is widely known for the way they sell their laptops.

You won't ever go home with a Dell laptop at one of their stores because there aren't any.

The only way to get a Dell laptop is to purchase directly from them either by phone or by ordering online.

This saves a ton of money by selling in this manner. And they pass those savings on to you.

Thinkpads set the standard in overall quality. They have technologies in their laptops that you won't find in any other laptop. The Thinkvantage button and their overall durability make Thinkpads a wonderful choice for anyone.

Many people who purchase a Thinkpad claim they will never buy another laptop brand again.

Do Your Research

If you find a Thinkpad that you really like, try to find a Dell laptop that is similarly configured.

You might be surprised just how much more you can get with a Dell laptop at the same price.

If you look things up and realize that that the Thinkpad doesn't cost that much more, you might want to stick with the Thinkpad. Your much more likely to fall in love with a similarly priced Thinkpad.

One thing that makes the Thinkpad worth the extra cost is it's durability.

Would you rather purchase a $2000 Thinkpad that lasts six years or a $1000 Dell laptop that will last three years?

Now I'm certainly not saying this is going to be the case. But chances are the Thinkpad will last a little longer.

So Which One Is Best

You really can't go wrong with either one! Both have successfully been selling laptops for awhile now.

Look at all the information from this site. And also read as much as you can from Dell and Lenevo's official sites.

If you have any questions at all, please be sure to contact me.

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