Thinkpad z61t Review

thinkpad z61t imagethinkpad z61t

The Lenevo Thinkpad z61t was designed to be a more multimedia version of the Thinkpad z60t.

It tried to accomplish this by giving it a Core 2 Duo processor and an integrated camera and microphone.

So how did it do?

The z61t is certainly a much better laptop then the z60t and in basically all aspects.

And the z61t also does a very good job in the area of performance

However, as far as a multimedia laptop it falters in some aspects.

For starters, the screen is only OK at best. It's a 14 inch screen but the resolution makes everything seem even smaller.

And the speakers are far from what you would expect out of a multimedia machine.

The z61t's strengths lie in what you can come to rely on in all Thinkpad laptops. You will get a very quality keyboard that is very easy to type on. Even compared to desktops!

You will get great security and even better durability.

The added performance does come at a price though. It's much more expensive compared to other laptops in it's category. Also, this laptop gets very hot in no time.

The thing that separates the Thinkpad z61t compared to other laptops is how thin it is. It's certainly no more then an inch in height.

If you are looking for a small multimedia laptop, you are much better going with the Dell Inspiron e1405.

It performs very closely to the performance of the z61t at nearly half the cost!

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