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Toshiba beats Dell hands down

I have a Dell and a Toshiba. Dell has crappy customer service (worst in the industry according to consumer reports), and a lousy 1 year manufacturer warranty that they will try to wiggle out of if you have a problem.

Case in point, 8 months after I bought my Dell, it stopped charging, Dell was well aware of this issue, and the measures necessary to correct it, instead, they sent me a new charger, when that didn't work, they wasted time sending me another battery.

By the time I got the battery and realized that wasn't the problem either, I was out of warranty and they wanted me to pay to have it fixed. Online research revealed that this was a known issue with computers made in the time frame that mine was, but did they try to make it right, no.

The Toshiba comes with a 2 year warranty.

Another comparison, first hand. I have my Toshiba right now sitting right next to my dell, they are connected to the same wireless network, my toshiba is getting 4 bars, DLing about 1 MBPS, the Dell on the other hand only has one bar and is doing good to DL 50 KBPS. My Toshiba will connect to my neighbors wifi, with 3 bars, while the dell will not even find the network.

The Dell also has trim panels that are loose, I know, could happen to anyone who is rough with their stuff, but I take good care of my stuff, and the trim panel over the keyboard one day just started getting loose. I think that Dell is a cheaply put together product and the company will not offer you any help if you have problems with it.

I will NEVER EVER EVER buy anything else as long as I live that says "DELL" on it.

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