How To Transfer Files From Your PC To Your Laptop

You certainly have a few options when you want to transfer files from your PC to your laptop. The best choice for you depends on just how much stuff you want to transfer.

The most advanced method of accomplishing this is to use a Category 5 cable (aka Cat5) and creating your own local area network.

Have I scared you yet?

It's actually much easier then it sounds. If you already have a high speed internet connection you probably already have a Cat5 cable.

The picture on the right should give you an idea of what one looks like.

You can find one at your nearest Radio Shack if you don't already own one.

Once you have the cable, simply connect it to both your laptop and your other computer's ethernet.

From there, you will need to go to Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections

If it isn't already set up, you may need to go to File -> Network Setup Wizard

This will give you all the information you would possibly want to know on how to set things up. Once everything is complete, all you will have to do is drag and drop your files onto your computer. This is by far the fastest way to transfer your files.

What Other Options Are There?

There are certainly much easier methods of getting your files and folders from what computer to another.

One of the best of the other options is to get a USB Flash Drive. This is certainly a good idea to have for many situations.

They way it works is you plug it into your USB port. A window pops open. And then you drag the files that you want into the folder.

Take out your flash drive when you are done. Put it into your other computer. And then drag those files onto that computer and you are done!

It's very simple and is probably your best choice for most situations.

They are relatively inexpensive. And they seem to come in handy for a variety of situations.

If It's Just One File

If you want to just send one file to your other computer, it's usually easy just to send an email to yourself. I've done this on several occasions. It comes in handy if you don't have your flash drive on you at the time.

However, if you want to send yourself a folder, most email clients make this difficult. Find out how you can email many files by clicking here.

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