How To Turn Off Microsoft Error Report

One thing that is very frustrating is the "windows encountered a problem" window.

This guide shows how to turn off Microsoft Error Reporting so you never have to worry about being asked this again.

First, the reason why Microsoft does this is to help them gain knowledge that will allow them to fix these problems in the future.

As far as security goes, some people feel that occasionally sending the problem to Microsoft sends them important information about your computer.

However, I don't think you have to worry that Microsoft is going to do anything harmful to you.

But constantly hitting the Don't Send button can get rather annoying so here is how you can get rid of it...

In Windows XP

Go to Start -> Run

Then type in sysdm.cpl Click on the .

Then go to the Error Reporting button. From here, you can disable error reporting so you never have to be asked again!

In Windows Vista

Vista handles things a little easier.

Simply go to your Start search box and type in problem reports and solutions and hit enter.

You will get to a window like this one...

Microsoft error reporting

Click on Change settings on the left-hand side. In the next window choose Advanced settings. Don't worry, it's not too advanced!

You will then be at a window similar to this one...

problem reports

Click on Off under For my programs, problem reporting is: and then hit OK.

Goodbye to error reporting in Windows Vista forever!

You can also do some really advanced things such as only preventing certain programs from having error messages. This can be done at the Block List at the bottom.

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