How To Turn Off Windows Vista Aero

You might be thinking...

"Why would I want to turn off Windows Vista Aero? It's gorgeous!"

Or, you might be thinking, "I know why so just tell me already!"

For those who know why you can simply scroll down. And for those who don't know...

Aero is an amazing new look for Windows Vista. The only real problem is that it requires more power out of your laptop.

By turning off Aero, you can instantly save 30 to 60 minutes of battery life. For most laptops this is a huge increase in battery time.

How Do You Turn Off Aero

First, right-click your desktop and go to Personalize.

From here, you have two major options to choose from. The first is to click on Windows Color and Appearance. This will take you to a window similar to this one...

turn off aero

All you have to do is uncheck the Enable Transparency box and you are all set.

This is also where you can really customize Vista Aero. You can completely change how your windows look, giving them a red tint if you want.

The next think you can do is go back to your Personalization window and click on Theme. Here is where you can do some real battery saving.

change theme vista

Change your theme to Windows Vista Basic if you want to run Vista without the Aero interface. Or, if you really want to save battery life, choose Windows Classic

This is enjoyable if you have been a long time Windows user.

You can generally save an extra 20 minutes by using the Windows Classic over the Windows Vista Basic.

So if you are planning to go away, by changing your Theme from Vista Aero to Windows Classic you can easily save over an hour of battery life.

Not too bad considering it only takes a minute to change it.


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