Do More With Your Laptop And Get A TV Tuner

If your laptop came with Windows Media Center, you might want to consider a TV Tuner for your laptop. You simply won't believe all of the things that you can do with your laptop if you get one.

Want to watch TV from your laptop?

You can have the television on in one window while you browse the internet in another. This is only the start of what you can do.

There are many more possibilities when you combine your television with your laptop computer. With Windows Media Center, you are just a point and click away from doing just about anything.

You can record your favorite shows just by searching through a TV guide and clicking on the show and hit record. Or you can pause and record live television if someone calls or you need to go to the fridge.

You can turn your laptop into a DVR Recorder!

Now the next time you are on a trip you can watch a show that you recorded right from your laptop. And don't just stop there...

Record your favorite shows and then burn all of them onto a DVD. All of this is incredibly simple to do with Windows Media Center. If your laptop didn't come with it, you can purchase an alternative called Media Portal for under $10. It looks and acts exactly the same as Windows Media Center.

And if you want a TV Tuner but didn't purchase one with your laptop, you have a few options...

If you own a Dell laptop or like simple things, I strongly suggest that you get a Dell Angel USB TV Tuner. It is incredibly simple to use and install. And it works terrific.

If you don't want your TV tuner to be handled by a USB port, there are many TV Tuners that run from a PCMCIA card. These plug inside your laptop which makes it a little more convenient than the USB TV Tuners.

If you think you are going to use your Tuner frequently then you probably should go with the PCMCIA card. Otherwise, the USB tuner is very simple to take in and out whenever you please.

Whatever you decide, you can't go wrong with purchasing a Tuner for your laptop. This is just one of the many things that you can purchase to get the most out of your laptop. For more great things be sure to check out our other laptop accessories that we recommend.

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