For Those Who Are On The Go There Is The USB Battery Charger

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With so many unique things you can do with a USB port, you can now add a USB battery charger to the mix. The way it works is this...

You use the battery just like you would any other Double AA battery. But when it comes time to charge it, just pop the top off and plug it into your laptop.

Now you can have your own personal battery charger whenever your laptop is around. These batteries are certainly terrific whenever you are on the go.

Especially if you have a wireless mouse or keyboard.

If you are like me, you can get pretty sick of having to buy batteries all of the time. It certainly is much more convenient to be able to reuse your batteries whenever you want.

And now you can!

Where Can I Get Them?

The most popular USB battery that I have found was at USB cell.

The only downside is they are currently $20. You will probably be able to get USB batteries cheaper at eBay.

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