Windows Vista Auto Play Will Speed Up Your Daily Laptop Activities

Windows Vista Auto Play allows you to choose which program that you want to open up a certain file.

For example, if you are tired of a certain program always playing your DVDs by default then this is the place that you should go to change that.

First, to get to autoplay you need to go to the Start menu. There are a few different ways to locate it.

The easiest way is to simply type in autoplay in the search box. You can also go to the Control Panel and then double-click on autoplay.

Once you are there, you should see a window that is similar to this one...

Starting with the audio CD, is there a specific program that you would like to play your CDs on? I have always been a big fan of iTunes. Therefore, I used the drag down menu and chose Play audio CD using iTunes.

Now any time that I put a CD in, iTunes will open up and play that CD.

When you push down the drag down menu, it will show you all of the programs that you have available to choose from. It's very easy to go back and change which program that you want it to run simply by going back to the Vista auto play menu.

If you are unsure which program that you wanted to run, you can simply let Windows Vista choose the program for you.

You can also select for it to not do anything when a certain device is put in. Simply select Take no action and nothing will happen.

Or if you have a device where you might want to do something different depending on the occasion select Ask me every time.

Go through all of the devices and see what you want to do for each.

Along with iTunes, I personally changed the Mixed content because when I put in my USB flash drive I wanted to be able to search the file that I wanted in Windows Explorer.

Also, I changed what program opens up my images. I am a big fan of so I decided to use it over the Windows image editor.

Certainly take a look at it and see if there is anything that you would like to change. By choosing which programs to automatically open up certain files, you can save a lot of time during your day.

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