Your Windows Vista Power Options Guide

One of the best things for laptop owners in Windows Vista is the Vista power options. Now you have the ability to quickly and easily control the things that are important for you to control as a laptop user.

Thinks such as...

  • when you want your laptop to be put to sleep
  • when to put your laptop in hibernation
  • what happens when you press the power button
  • And so much more!

    So how do you set this up? First go to Start -> Control Panel

    In the Control Panel select the Power Options icon.

    Now you should see a window similar to the one below...

    From here, things couldn't be any simpler for you. You have three basic options to choose from. These are good if you aren't too picky in how things run.

    If you want more advanced features, click on Change plan settings and then Change advanced power setting.

    Take a look at some of the options that you have available. Be sure to pay particular attention to the Power buttons and lid...

    You can quickly set up what happens when you push the power button.

    You can also set up what you want to happen when you close the lid. Anything you want can be controlled quickly and easily.

    And if you want total control you can choose Create a power plan. With this you can choose every option that you want separately.

    If you are a Dell owner, Vista power options works much like Dell Quickset works for Dell laptops. Only in my opinion, the Vista version is much easier to use and better!

    Overall, if you are a laptop owner it is essential that you at least take a look at your Power Options in Windows Vista.

    There are many things that you might want to tweak with your laptop. For example, I have it set so when I push the power button it goes into Hibernation.

    As opposed to the Sleep mode that is set as default.

    I also changed the Critical battery level to 2%. Experiment with it. You can always click the Restore default settings for this plan button if you screw things up too badly!

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