Your Complete Vista Speech Recognition Guide

In the Vista Speech Recognition Guide, you will learn how to use Windows newest technology that uses your voice to control almost everything you do on your laptop computer.

To start off, you are first going to need an additional piece of equipment before you get started.

If your laptop doesn't come with a built-in microphone, you are going to have to get a headset or microphone to use Speech recognition.

It is highly recommended that you get a headset whether you already have a standard or built-in microphone. It does the most effective job at transferring your speech to words.

To get started, you first need to locate Windows Speech Recognition on your computer. You can do this by going to Start and they typing in "Speech Recognition" in the search box.

By choosing Speech Recognition, this will load a small gadget at the top of your screen...

speech gadget

However, for your first time use you are much better off by first going to "Speech Recognition Options"

speech recognition window

Two almost mandatory things that you need to accomplish is to first go to Set up microphone. This will help your computer decide what type of microphone you are using. It's very important to do this because it also gets a feel for how loud you are going to talk into your microphone.

The next thing you need to go to is Train your computer to better understand you

This isn't required to use Vista's Speech Recognition, but it is essential if you want to get anything out of it. Without training, almost every sentence you say will be interpreted incorrectly.

Which brings up a good point about speech recognition...

The beauty behind Windows Speech Recognition is that it gets smarter every time you use it. Every time you correct a word (more about this later) it will get better at recognizing that word in the future.

So when you do training in the beginning, it will greatly increase the speech accuracy. All you have to do is read a short story that is displayed on the screen. It usually takes about 15 minutes but it is more then worth it if you want to have accurate speech recognition.

From here, you have a couple of choices. You can go to "Take Speech Tutorial." This is an interactive tutorial that will show you some of the basics that you can use during speech recognition.

However, you are much better off going to "Open the Speech Reference Card." This will give you a much longer list of things that you can say and what actions it performs.

What Can It Be Used For

Vista's speech recognition can basically be used to do anything and everything on your computer. However, that doesn't mean it's faster or better to do everything by voice.

You can write papers and documents up to three times faster according to research studies. So if you were writing a three page paper, you would be done by the time you finished typing the first page.

Imagine the possibilities! It truly is revolutionary and it really does work.

You can also use Vista Speech Recognition to open and close folders. Even browse around the internet.

The secret is to do a combination of both. Find out what can get done easier by voice and what is much simpler to just click and do it yourself.

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