Your Life Is About To Get A Lot Easier With Vista Voice Recognition

One of the most powerful features of Windows new operating system is Vista Voice Recognition.

It has the capabilities of completely changing the way that we use our laptops.

If you haven't watched the video above yet, I highly recommend that you do.

No matter what kind of accent you have, Vista's voice recognition software will get smarter and smarter the more times you use it.

It will get better and better at recognizing your own personal voice.

Studies show that you can talk over three times faster then you type. Imagine how many more things you could get done on your laptop with this software.

But unlike other voice recognition software, you can do so much more on Vista. You can practically do everything possible using just the commands of your voice.

It's very easy to learn how to use. And if you ever get stuck, just say "How do I " followed by your question and Vista will show you how to do it!

One of the best things with this software is how it handles troubling situations. If Vista gets confused or thinks what you said could be interpreted in multiple ways, it will show you a list of available items.

All you have to do is give the number on the list of what you were talking about and click OK.

Voice recognition software is certainly not going to be perfect for a long time. But there are so many features in Vista that help you handle its minor imperfections.

Using this software is more then worth a try. It's the future of how we will use our laptop computers.

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