Vista Vs Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition

Here you will find similarities and differences betweens Vista vs Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition.

These two companies have set themselves apart in the world of speech recognition.

Windows Vista's Speech Recognition has the most amazing user friendly interface you could ever imagine.

If you request to correct a word, Vista will highlight every use of that word so you can easily choose which one you were referring to.

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking has by far the most accurate speech recognition out there. They have won a ton of awards for their incredible accuracy.

And while their software isn't quite as user friendly as Windows Vista's it's still pretty good.

So Which One Is Better?

I've used both products extensively and have come up with a definite conclusion. If you want speech recognition to browse the internet then Windows Vista is your winner.

However, if you want speech recognition for just about anything else than Dragon NaturallySpeaking is far better.

If you tried each one for an hour you too would agree that Dragon NaturallySpeaking is far more accurate than Windows Vista. Even though Windows Vista is faster and better at correcting words, it uses it too much because nearly every couple of sentences have a huge error.

Now I know that speech recognition improves each time you use it, but I used Vista for several hours and didn't get near the potential that Dragon's had.

When you correct a word in Dragon, it automatically selects the word closest to your cursor. This didn't bother me too much but a majority of people would probably prefer Windows Vista's interface.

What Makes Vista Better

As mentioned earlier, this is my preferred choice when browsing the Internet.

It also does a better job at browsing through your windows since I think that this is what it was more designed to do. In your Internet browser, you just start speaking a link that you want to go to and it automatically takes you there.

Also, it seems to understand what you want to do better when you are opening and closing folders.

But while this is a pretty cool thing at first, I have always found it easier just to point and click my way around folders. So even though Vista is better at this, it isn't really that useful.

What Makes Dragon NaturallySpeaking Better

After a couple hours using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you will be convinced that the best way to write papers is through speech recognition.

Have a four page paper to write?

No problem. With Dragon NaturallySpeaking you can get it done in an hour. You can write any type of paper at least three times faster compared to if you typed it up normally.

Windows Vista's speech recognition just isn't accurate enough to be useful. It makes crazy errors that you have to go back and correct that would have been faster to type up regularly.

Trust me when I say this, you will quickly fall in love with how well Dragon NaturallySpeaking works.

Just like their website says, "It will revolutionize the way you use your computer."

Where To Get It

Windows Vista's speech recognition is included with any Windows Vista purchase.

There are two basic ways to purchase Dragon NaturallySpeaking...

You can go to Dragon's official site and purchase. Even if you don't purchase from their, you still might want to check out their demo. It's really interesting and worth taking a look at.

The cheapest and best way to purchase Dragon NaturallySpeaking is eBay!

It's the same as if you bought it directly from their store but at nearly half the cost.

Give it a try. You will be amazed!

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