Here Is Why HP Is Beating Dell

For several years, Dell has been at the top of the computer world. But 2007 has belonged to HP. Finally beating Dell by selling the most laptops.

What is the reasoning behind all of this?

First, Dell has taken some heat for their poor customer support. You can wait for hours on hold if you don't type in you service tag.

And even if you do, you can be stuck with someone who barely understands English.

Leaving you extremely frustrated.

Another common complaint among Dell is their laptops exploding which has been widely publicized.

The last thing that people want is to feel unsafe using their laptop. Even though it is just as likely that any laptop brand will explode, Dell has just been unfortunate in their laptops were the one to do it.

And The Biggest Thing

You can still by HP laptops at your nearest retailer.

Many people are still uncomfortable with the thought of purchasing a laptop online that they have never seen before.

This is of course perfectly understandable!

The reason Dell doesn't do this is because it saves a lot of money by only selling directly from the manufacturer.

But here is the thing...

HP laptops that are being sold at stores are still really cheap! I'm not quite sure how they do it!

I walked into a store recently and was blown away by how cheap they were selling a HP dv9000t! It was just over $1000 and it was loaded with everything you could possible want!

I really do feel as of early 2007, HP is the way to go. I don't think it will last!

I believe Dell will get their act together and regain their status at the top. But as painful as it is for me to say this...

If I would purchase a laptop today, it would be an HP. There I've said it!

As long as you do purchase from their website and not purchase it at a store. If you are thinking of going to the store and buying one...

Stop right now!

While it is convenient, your probably paying an extra couple hundred of dollars by purchasing that way. And those laptops might have been on the shelf for months.

By purchasing online or by phone, your laptop is brand new and made exactly the way you want it. And it's cheaper.

An all around Win-Win!

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