Your Complete Guide To Windows Automatic Updates

If you are completely new to Windows Automatic Updates, here is a little overview for you...

Automatic Updates keep your laptop protected against security threats. This makes it even more difficult for your laptop to get attacked by unwanted users.

To find out if automatic updates is turned on...

Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Automatic Updates

Windows Updates

From this window, you can turn off Windows automatic updates if you wish.

If you would rate yourself anything other then a computer expert, I strongly encourage you to set it to automatically download and install the updates for you.

This will keep your laptop as safe as possible. But this is certainly not all the protection that you need. You also need Anti-Virus software to protect yourself from the many online threats out there.

If you feel you have a pretty good knowledge of computers, you might choose another option with your automatic updates.

Is It Bad Not To Choose Automatic Install?

Despite what everyone will tell you, it's certainly not the end of the world if you don't install everything that Microsoft suggests.

Many of these updates are very large and do little to protect your computer. Especially if you are running quality anti-virus protection.

I would suggest that you at least have it set to be notified of updates. There may be some very crucial updates that you will need to be aware of and install.

Certainly be careful when you are online. Only download things that you are sure are 100% safe. And certainly, don't open any emails that you don't know what they are.

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