How To Effectively Use And Delete The Windows.old Folder

The Windows.old folder is an extremely important part of upgrading to Windows Vista. It holds all of the files that you had on your computer before you upgraded.

While it is still suggested to transfer all of your important files before you upgrade to Vista, the Windows.old folder will save you in case that you forget anything.

To get to the Windows.old folder, click on Start -> Search

Click on the arrow to the left of where it says Search Results in Indexed Locations and choose Computer.

Now click on the search box that says Search and type in Windows.old

Usually within seconds, the Windows.old folder will appear.

Explore this folder thoroughly for the files that you want. Be warned though, you may try to open an old program and find out that it prevents you from running it.

There are several reasons for why this may happen. Windows Vista is very picky about what programs that it allows to run. You more then likely won't be able to run your previous anti-virus software. For more information on running Windows Vista virus protection click here.

There are also some other applications that are incompatible with the new Windows Vista. However, many of these companies will provide you with a free upgrade to a compatible version.

If you are sure that there are files that you are never going to use it again then delete them. The Windows.old folder takes up a massive amount of your hard drive.

Combine that with the fact that you just installed Windows Vista which is a pretty large program itself. So it is probably a good idea to start getting rid of many of the programs that you don't need.

If you don't want any files from your old computer, right-click Windows.old and click delete. This will get rid of everything from your old computer and allow you to start fresh.

When I installed Windows Vista on my laptop, I had around 15GB of files from my old computer. Deleting this folder certainly increased my laptops' performance.

You can certainly experience this kind of added performance with your computer as well.

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