Windows Shortcut Key Tricks

You probably have hit the Windows shortcut key before.

You might have hit it accidentally. You might have just been curious. Or you might have hit it to see if you could screw up whatever computer you were working on.

For those of you who don't know what it looks like, it looks like this...

Windows Shortcut Key

Go ahead and push it. Your start menu will pull up.

Not very exciting I know.

But this button can do so much more then you think it can.

Here is a detailed list of all the things that you can use it for...

Windows Key + D

This will minimize every window you have open. I use this constantly because I tend to have about ten windows open at the same time.

To move the windows back to normal you can hit the Windows Shortcut Key + D again and all the windows will be restored.

Windows Key + E

This will open up an Explorer Window. This is very useful if you want a quick way to get to My Computer.

Windows Key + F

Looking for something? This opens up the Windows Search feature. You can search your entire computer for a certain file or folder.

Windows Key + R

This opens up the Run command. I'm not really a big fan of the Run command except to use it to speed up my startup. But if you constantly use the run command this will save you some time.

Windows Key + M

This minimizes all open windows. It's pretty pointless since Windows Shortcut Key + D does basically the exact same thing. And...

Windows Key + Shift + M

Will bring back all of the windows that you minimized. Once again, pretty pointless since Windows Shortcut Key + D does the same thing. But hey, smarter people than myself designed it so they must have a pretty good reason.

Windows Key + L

Here is an extremely interesting one. This will lock down Windows. If you have it set up to where you have to enter a password to open Windows, you will have to enter your password when it is locked. Otherwise, just hit OK and you will return to Windows.

This tip could be especially useful for laptop users. Say you are leaving your laptop for a moment. If you use this shortcut, you can feel safe that nobody is going to mess with anything while you are gone.

Windows Key + U

Opens your utilities manager. It also opened up a Narrator that started talking to me. Really crazy! Check it out.

Windows Key + F1

Help! I need help! This will open up your help feature on your laptop. I realize that this site can't answer everything you need (not yet anyways). But using this shortcut will quickly send you to the help menu.

Windows Key + Tab

This tabs through your open windows. This one is pretty pointless really. Using the Alt + Tab is much more effective at going through your windows. So give that one a try instead.

Well that is all that I am aware of. If you know of any others or you need help in using it, feel free to use the Contact Page and drop me a line.

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