How To Get A Windows Vista Theme On XP

vista on xp imagewindows vista on xp

We are all eager to see what Windows Vista will look like on our laptop. By putting a Windows Vista theme on XP, you will finally get the chance to have the look of Vista on your XP laptop.

When you download the Vista Transformation Pack, your laptop computer will have a generic version of what Vista will look like.

It will still perform and behave exactly like it used to. Only it will look a lot better going it.

Before installing, make sure that you do a checkpoint on System Restore. This will protect you in case something wrong goes in the installation.

If something does happen, you can go to System Restore and revert back to the way things were before you installed it.

Also, read through all of the instructions carefully when installing it. While there is a very slim chance you will harm your computer, it is always important to be safe.

Once everything gets installed, you can always uninstall it later by going to the Add Remove Programs on your laptop.

But you probably won't want to because chances are you are going to love it!

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