Windows Vista Upgrade Tips And Advice

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Ready to make the jump to Windows Vista? Be sure to follow these Windows Vista upgrade tips to help make your transition as smoothly as possible.

To begin, Windows Vista will not be made available to the public until January 30, 2007. If you see it being sold before then, it is the customer preview version of Windows Vista.

This version doesn't include all the great features of the full version, and the software will expire on June 1, 2007.

So your best option is to wait until late January for the full version. And speaking of the full version...

How Many Different Versions Are There

There are four different versions that you may get. There are...

  • Home Basic
  • Home Premium
  • Business
  • Ultimate
  • Each version has a different features.

    Windows Vista Features List

    No matter which option you get, the security protection will be a huge improvement compared To Windows XP.

    All of the versions except Home Basic will be much prettier and eye-catching the XP.

    Which Windows Is Right For You

    Because Vista is bigger and better, it is required to have a more powerful laptop to run Vista.

    To figure out if your laptop is capable, download the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor from the Microsoft website.

    This tool is extremely easy to use...

    Vista Upgrade Advisor

    Once you have it downloaded, hit the Start Scan button and it will tell you which version of Windows Vista is right for you.

    One of the main requirements is you need to have at least 512MB of RAM. If you purchased a laptop within the last couple of years, there is a very good chance your laptop will meet this requirement.

    Once you run the upgrade advisor, you will hopefully get a Window similar to this one...

    Windows Vista Premium

    As with the picture above, most users will probably be purchasing the Home Premium edition of Windows Vista.

    If you have the opportunity to get this edition, I strongly suggest that you get this edition over the Home Basic version.

    It will only cost a little extra, but the Home Premium edition is jam-packed with many more features then the Home edition.

    How To Install

    Whenever you get Windows Vista, you will have two basic options.

  • In-place upgrade
  • Clean Install
  • With the in-place upgrade, all of your files and folders will remain intact whenever you upgrade.

    With the clean install, everything on your laptop will be wiped clean and you will start fresh. However, everything on your laptop will be wiped away.

    I recommend that you do a clean install.

    Every Windows Vista will come with a program called Windows Easy Transfer. This program will allow you to quickly and easily transer your laptop's files onto either a different computer, CD or DVD, or removable hard drive.

    With the clean install, if there is some really important things you still want to have you can keep them. Otherwise, you can start fresh and basically feel like you have a brand new laptop!

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