Where To Get Free Windows Vista Virus Protection

There are a few things you need to know when it comes to getting Windows Vista virus protection.

1. Vista comes with malware protection called Windows Defender. But Defender isn't a virus protector.

2. Vista is a little different then Windows XP and other versions. One of the differences is it won't run a lot of the anti-virus software that you previously installed. There are only certain programs out there that are compatible with Vista.

3. There are still some great free programs out there that will protect you against infection.

One especially generous company is offering a free 12 month license for new users. The company's name is Computer Associates but they are more commonly known as CA.

You can download CA's free vista-compatible anti-virus software by clicking here.

How To Find Out What Is Protecting Your Computer

To find out what security features you have on your laptop, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Security Center

You will get a screen that has this...

As you can see, I have CA Anti-Virus protecting my laptop from viruses and Windows Defender protecting me from spyware and malware.

Overall, if there are no problems in the Security Center then you are somewhat protected.

But that doesn't mean you should feel safe enough to open strange emails or download unusual software!

Use common sense and Vista should keep you pretty safe.

What Happens If You Download A Non-Compatible Virus Protector

If you download Windows Vista virus protection that isn't compatible you will receive an error saying that it is incompatible. So don't think you can cheat the system and stick with your old software because it won't allow it.

I personally had McAfee Security Center installed on my Windows XP laptop. But when it came time to upgrade to Vista I found myself unable to reinstall it.

Just understand that it is just trying to protect you. And make sure you protect yourself and get .

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