Your Guide To The Best And Most Useful Windows XP Tips

With so many Windows XP tips floating around the internet, it's hard to find any that you would really use on a consistent basis.

I know personally, because I've read them all and there is only a handful of things that I do with my laptop that an everyday person doesn't.

So here is a list of my personal favorites.

The ones that I use to really help get the most out of my laptop experience.

Firefox Shortcuts - You have probably heard of Firefox by now. If not, it's the fastest and best web browser out right now. Using these shortcuts will help you do internet tasks quickly and easily.

Hibernate Your Laptop - Turn your laptop on and off three times faster by shutting it down in hibernate mode.

Email Many Files Faster - Ready to email your friend something? Find out the best and most effective way to email attachments.

Speed Up Your Laptop Startup - Extremely powerful tip that everyone should use! If your laptop seems to take longer and longer to startup, find out why and what you can do about it here.

Free Disk Defragment - Is your laptop getting slower by the day? Use the defragment tool every couple months and be amazed by how much faster your computer will run.

Make Your Laptop Screen Look Bigger - Does your laptop screen look smaller then you had anticipated? If so, find out how you can quickly and easily make your laptop screen look bigger (or smaller).

Turn Off Microsoft Error Report - Find out how you can stop clicking Don't Send every time your computer has a problem.

How To Change The Program Of A File Type - Do you wish a file would open with a different program? If so, this handy trick will quickly and easily change that for you.

Free Fax Machine - I bet you didn't know you can turn your laptop into your own personal fax machine. Find out just how easy it is.

Intel Proset Popup Remover - If you have Intel Proset, you are probably satisfied with how it performs. And probably annoyed by the popup that comes up every time you connect to the internet. Find out how you can remove it.

Laptop Touchpad Guide - Customize your laptop touchpad to do things easier then you ever thought possible. Who said that having a touchpad was a nuisance?

Open Folders More Quickly - Sick of double clicking folders? Find out how to set up your laptop computer to open folders with just one click!

Faster Internet Settings - With a couple tweaks to Firefox, you can drastically change the speed at which it performs.

System Restore - If you want to know the single best way to fix your laptop then be sure to read this. Don't waste your time with customer support until you try this tip first.

Windows Screensavers Guide - Want to find every screensaver on your computer? Learn this and more about Windows screensavers.

Speed Up Start Menu - If you don't mind Windows being less visually appealing, speed things up with this trick and improve your laptop's performance.

Windows Automatic Updates Guide - Learn everything you need to know about automatic updates and whether or not you should install them.

Desktop Icons Shortcut - A very simple and easy to set up tip that will save you some time on a daily basis.

Windows Shortcut Key - If you love shortcuts and doing things quickly then you will love this guide to the Windows Shortcut Key.

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