A Wireless Printer Is A Perfect Fit In A Laptop Owner's Home or Office

One technology that is growing in popularity is wireless printers.

Imagine being able to use your laptop to print a document from anywhere in your home or office.

Without even having your laptop connected to the printer!

Printing wirelessly works much like having wireless Internet. All you have to have is a wireless adapter connected to your printer.

Instead of your printer being hooked up to your desktop or laptop, it simply connects to the wireless adapter.

Then you place a USB stick that comes with the adapter into your laptop and you can print documents anywhere within a certain distance of your printer.

The real secret to this great technology is how you purchase this adapter...

When you purchase a printer from Dell, HP, or other top printer brand you have the option of purchasing the adapter from them.

This is a sure way to get an adapter that is compatible with your printer. But it certainly isn't the cheapest way to get it.

You can get a much cheaper wireless adapter at eBay.

You can get the Dell printer adapter 3300 at Dell's official site for $99. Or you can go to eBay and get the exact same thing for under $30.

When you order from eBay, just make sure that the wireless adapter that you get will be compatible with your printer. Also make sure that all of the necessary cables are included.

Will A Wireless Printer Adapter Work For Me?

As stated at the official HP site, their adapter works with most HP printers along with other similar all-in-one printers. But there are certainly some printers out there that it won't work with.

It also states that their wireless adapter will work on all PCs whether they are wired or wireless.

This means you can hook up a wireless adapter to your printer and it will work with the desktop and the laptop in your house.

So if you have a somewhat current printer and any PC, more than likely hooking up a wireless adapter will work for you.

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